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Please get changed respectfully and modestly and remained clothed in shared spaces. Where there are no private changing areas, ensure there is separation for underage and genders and always remain aware, courteous and respectful to those in your umpiring team. 

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Holding the Ball

Rule 9.2 "Prohibited Items" has been required to be reminded more than expected in the early rounds of football. Please refer to Rule 9.2a that Jewellery is a banned item to be worn on the field.

Under-19 Games have been the most frequent offenders so please ensure all players are checked before the game.   

No Jewellery is allowed to be worn on the field. It must be removed, not taped. If the jewellery cannot be removed, the player cannot play.


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SUA Membership

The SUA is now accepting Membership for new and returning Umpires.

Membership to the SUA allows the Association to continue to run, and provide training, clubrooms and social events.


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Interested in Umpiring?

If you love footy, you'll love being an umpire. Not only do you get the best view of the action, you also get paid for the privilege. It helps keep you fit, you get to be part of a team and you can learn leadership skills that you can take with you when you walk off the ground. They call it a job, but really, whether you're a field, boundary or goal umpire, it might just be the most fun you can have at work.

The SUA welcomes new members whether they are experienced umpires or new, we are always happy to accept new members. Those people who take the brave step benefit greatly from a supportive, professional and positive group at Southern Umpires Association. If you love the game and you want to keep fit, learn life skills, meet new friends and earn some money then umpiring is for you.

Regardless of your gender, nationality or physical capability, there is a place for you in umpiring. It offers a welcoming, inclusive and fun environment. If you are interested, fill out the New Umpire Enquiry form or head to FAQs to find out more information.


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