H. Bradmore K. Walsh* A. Brown*
V. Kennedy* K. Lippiatt* E. Lee
A. Wyles* E. Schmutter* J. Kinnaird
J. Klauer K. Ritchie B. Dolphin*
D. Mills G. Lawson J. Voss*
P. Barber N. Scott G. Best
P. Hudd L. Wigg N. Godkin
B. Nankervis R. Jack D. McKenzie
R. Thompson* J. Northfield* M. Thorpe
E. Pierrot P. Davis J. Battisson
J. Lundie S. Fiedler D. Morgan*
A. Newsome K. Maughan P. Ward*
D. Simmonds* G. Watsford R. Loudon*
P. Luehman D. McKinnon* R. Fletcher
F. Cato P. Jones K. Smith
R. Sawers J. Russo D. Smith
G. Shaw D. Pujol S. Voss
P. Whitehill T. Roberts W. Larkin
G. Sutton J. Mark R. Scott
D. Kemp M. Barnsley N. McKinnon
J. Keecherer B. Gent J. Jones
N. Aldred P. Bailey S. Van de Wardt
D. Armstrong D. Dodson J. Hughes
W. Jarvis P. Stevens K. Coulter
R. David P. Callaghan C. Moncreiff
B. Potts J. Fernee R. Young
S. Austin M. Foley G. Bell
T. O'Shea A. Little L. Swan
B. Hooper G. Partridge D. Anthony
T. Nemaric S. King T. Peck
S. Brindle P. Marshall L.Cattanach
F. Witting J. Denney R. Morgan
R. Watson J. Parker M. Craighead
M. Mounsey G. Probstl T. Bellchambers
A. Bunworth K. Boyce T. Dennerley
R. Porter R. Outhred


R.Chatterton G.MacIntyre  


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Latest Tweets:

As part of the Community Umpiring round, we will have AFL Umpire Visitors tonight at Seaford Training Venue from 6pm.
672 days ago
Field/ Boundary: Anyone got whiter boots than these? Goal Umps: Got any blacker? Post for a free drink Wednesday... Must be your boots!
675 days ago
Big Season ahead for our friends in the King Island League. Who’s your pick for the flag?
675 days ago
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