How old do I need to be become an umpire at SUA?

We require that new umpires are a minimum of 14 years of age by the middle of the current football season. Umpiring is a great opportunity to develop maturity and fitness so these traits are key factors to being involved.


What are the costs associated with starting umpiring?

SUA Membership helps to support the association and ensure we provide training venue, coaches, social events and support in your umpiring journey.  Umpires require on field uniform, whistle and flags (goal umpires). Match day Uniform is available also. Match payments each week quickly  cover the start up costs of uniform and membership.


What level of fitness is required to become an umpire?

Each category of umpire requires a different type of fitness.  Field Umpires require a solid mix of agility, speed and endurance with a greater emphasis on speed and agility. Goal Umpires require a lot less stamina when it comes to physical fitness, however concentration and agility are key attributes of a successful goal umpire. Boundary Umpires need a good levels of stamina and endurance.  A little burst of speed helps for those times when play moves quickly in the opposite direction.


Is there any online training or education I need to complete?

There are compulsory education modules that must be completed prior to match appointments. These are accessed via Officials HQ by selecting Account>E-Learning>Get e-learning link>Go to e-learning>Umpire Education Modules and then enrol in the applicable course. Once completed, modules certificates of completion are automatically uploaded onto ‘Accreditations’ on your Officials HQ account.

On the e-learning page, it is highly recommended to complete ‘The First Bounce’ course to help you understand the role of the umpire and the rules of Australian Rules Football.

The latest AFL Rules are published each year at the start of the season 


Where do I register?

Registration is also completed via Officials HQ. https://registration.officialshq.com/ 


I am not the strongest runner, can I still become an umpire?

Yes, not everybody can be the best athlete and general fitness will be improved with training and participation in matches. Come on down to training, improve your fitness and knowledge and enjoy the games on the weekend.  


How do I get appointed to umpiring a match?

Appointments to matches are completed by our experienced umpire coaches. By attending training, you will be able to be added to games by your relevant coach.


When do I need to accept my game by? And how do I do that?

When appointed please accept that appointment via your Officials HQ account by Thursday 3PM. Log onto your account select My OfficialsHQ>Umpire Appointments>click the bell>Accept Assignment

This ensures all umpires are aware of their game, can turn up on time and the game can go ahead. 


I am going away for holidays. How do I ensure I do not get appointed to a game?

Use Officials HQ to mark yourself as unavailable for games for when you are away or unable to umpire games. Please add ‘leave’ to your account so that your coaches are aware and they don’t appoint you to a match. This feature can be used for birthdays,  if you are playing a game on the same day or school holidays for example. As soon as you know you won’t be able to umpire, please put the leave in on Officials HQ.

This is how you do it: Log onto Officials HQ. Select My Officials HQ>Leaves


Do I need a Working with Children’s Check?

If you are over the age of 18, you will need a volunteer Working with Children's Check before you can umpire.  If you have a employee Working with Children’s Check currently, this can also be used.

If you are under 18, you will not need a Working with Children’s Check.



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