Schedula Appointment Protocols

The SUA distributes member appointments via a web hosted service provider, Schedula.

Schedula is an online system that enables the  SUA to communicate with members and for members to control their availability, information and details.

Receiving and Accepting an Appointment is simple - SUA Members will receive a Schedula  email alerting you to your appointment, you will then follow a link to your personalised dashboard where you will be able to view your appointment and also indicate via an inbuilt link your acceptance of the appointment.

Appointments are also loaded to the SUA website on a weekly basis

For new SUA Members, Schedula sends a Start Up Information and Account management email to the members registered  email address.

The Schedula login address is

Help And Assistance

We understand that there will be "speedhumps" along the way with the implemenation of new software and have made sure that there is plenty of ways that members can obtain assistance and advice.

Assistance and advice to on how to set up your Schedula Dashboard can also be obtained from a number of people and a number of ways.

If you are unable to access your personalised Dashboard  or you simply need some help you can.................

Email and you will be emailed login details 

Contact SUA Support via the web form below and describe your problem or 

Seaford Members  Catch up with Tammy Peck or Bernie Carroll or by email

Fountain Gate Members Catch up with Bernie Carroll or Phil Kerford  by email

Goal Umpires - Catch up with Troy Bellchambers or by email

Boundary Umpires - Catch up with Adam Holland or by email


Follow this link to view the Schedula Start Up and Account management Information.


Bank Account, Working with Children and Personal Details

Members are required to add their Bank Account Details to their Dashboard Profile, along with other personal information and keep this information current.

To update Bank and other personal details navigate to Dashboard - Manage Your Profile - Attributes - Add Attribute - Attribute Type - Select Bank Account from Drop Down - Add BSB and Account Details - Close Window


Weekly Appointments / Changes

SUA Appointments are distributed via email at 9:30 PM on a Wednesday night prior to a weekends matches and Appointments are also loaded to the SUA website.

Some times an individuals appointment is changed (illness, circumstances etc) and a new Schedula Appointment issued to an umpire. 

When this occurs the SUA website will not reflect the change.

Any changes made to Appointments after Wednesday will be accurate in Schedula but not on the SUA website

Change Notification i.e. Appointment  or Game/s Umpired   - If you have a change of game due to not umpiring or picking up additional games you must notify Tammy Peck by email at

Appointments will be locked for payroll processing at 8:00 pm on Tuesday evening following the weekends games and if Members have not notified Tammy Peck (or Rohan David if unable to contact Tammy) of the Change match payment could  be delayed



Umpire Type (Discipline) Registration (For Administrators)

If a Member is not showing in a Discipline, say Goal Umpire it is because they will not be registered as a Goal Umpire - the Member may be registered as an Umpire, but not a Goal Umpire

Easy to fix simply navigate to the Umpires Record  via Official List Administration / Search Official List / Umpires Name / Profile and select Registration Details / Modify / Goal Umpire / Save & Close.

The Umpire will now appear in the Goal Umpire listing when selected. Repeat as required for other Members.

Note: Members can belong to Multiple Disciplines which allows appointments to Multiple games and Disciplines on any given day, however Schedula will ensure that ony one appointment can be made per member for any specific time slot. EG: A member may officiate as a Goal Umpire in the Morning, and a Boundary Umpire in the afternoon and Schedula will accept these appointments due to different time slots.




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